Executive - Performance - Leadership Coaching

We offer expert Coaching for both Individuals and Teams.

Executive - Performance - Leadership Coaching

One-to-One Executive - Performance - Leadership Coaching

AB Coaching and Leadership provides expert one-to-one executive coaching for senior leaders and executives, and leaders at all levels, who wish to boost their overall performance and leadership and/or achieve specific goals.  

We are experienced at operating within a business context.  We will work with you to agree clear goals for the coaching programme, which address the needs of both the individual and the organisation - clearly focusing on personal performance and leadership improvement.  We will regularly review these goals with the client/coachee. 

The wish for coaching may be driven by a general desire to perform better (however strong already) or to think things through with someone who can create a calm, focused environment, listen intently, and ask insightful questions.  It may also be sparked by a specific event: a new appointment, additional responsibilities, general organisational change, a particular problem. 

We work regularly with leaders at all levels.  From the most senior to the most junior, they value our poweful blend of support and challenge which helps them to focus and think more clearly, challenge prevailing assumptions, identify new options, and commit to action with renewed enthusiasm and determination.  

A typical coaching programme consists of 6 - 8 sessions over some 6 - 12 months, with sessions lasting for up to 2 hours face to face or up to 90 minutes on Zoom etc.  Meetings take place as often as the coachee wishes but usually every 4 – 6 weeks.  The venue is a quiet location - often, but not always,  away from the work place.  All the conversations are completely confidential.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is one of the best ways of improving coherence and performance in a team. The role of the team coach is to help the team members identify and work towards collective goals.  Often this will include helping them to understand and appreciate their differences, and initiating conversations that build relationships and trust. 

Team coaching is challenging and rigorous.  It is performance and goal focused and aimed at increasing the overall capacity of the team to perform in unison at a high level.

AB Coaching and Leadership will create a team coaching programme for the specific needs of a team, and with consideration to the overall context in which they are operating.