Leadership Mentoring

We offer leadership mentoring to help strong leaders to become even better, and those who are finding their way to develop.

Leadership Mentoring

Leadership mentoring is similar to leadership coaching but subtly different.  As mentors we will, as in coaching, start with a non-directive approach (helping leaders to think widely and deeply, and work out their own solutions to the issues that they face) but we will be quicker to share our own knowledge and experience and use it to identify ideas and options for consideration. 

Leaders often experience ‘the lonliness of command’.  They can just need someone to talk to: someone who is detached, is of the correct calibre and experience, can grasp the context of the work quickly, and strikes the right balance between support and challenge.  A leadership mentor can fill this role.

Often mentoring is a longer term activity than coaching, with an even wider scope. Indeed leadership mentoring can follow on from a coaching programme when the leader would like a longer term, broader interaction.  In such instances, mentoring sessions would normally be less frequent than coaching but extend over a longer period.  We will design the programme around your needs.

A mentoring session typically lasts for up to 2 hours face to face or up to 90 minutes on Zoom etc.  Conversations are usually wide ranging, covering the full gamut of leadership and performance matters.  As with coaching, all the conversations are completely confidential.

Anthony uses his fourteen years experience as a coach and leadership mentor, and his experience of senior leadership in the British Army, to help leaders at all levels to rise to the opportunities and challenges that they face - and to flourish.  Our Associates bring their extensive experience and expertise to bear in the same way.