One to one coaching sessions with Tony are superb: he is very insightful and empathetic; he helped me to explore options for future action, motivated me to do what I said I would do, and equipped me to adopt a 'coaching' style when dealing with issues raised by my team of academic staff.

Professor of Law and Associate Dean, Law School, UK University

Tony Brister’s coaching sessions have been of enormous value in my role as Dean. He has encouraged me to think critically about different types of Leadership, and helped me to refine the balance between operational and strategic thinking and doing. An exceptional listener, Tony has been an honest, open and – above all – highly constructive sounding board as I work through some of the complex challenges that the role throws up in a rapidly changing sector. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Dean, UK University

Tony Brister is an excellent coach and his coaching continues to be invaluable to me at a critical time in my career. He brings a unique combination of sharpness of focus, challenge and an extraordinary ability to empathise with a foundation of substantial experience as a leader himself. He thus creates a dynamic, trusting environment within which I am able to grow, and grow, and grow.

CEO of National Children's Charity

Tony has given me the confidence to achieve. Coaching sessions with Tony are action orientated and extremely supportive. He has been able to provide a fabulous combination of thought-provoking and challenging insights while allowing me to guide myself through a developmental path that has had a huge impact on my career and career prospects.

Deputy Head, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health, UK University

Tony can draw on his extensive experience at the top of a large and complex organisation to assist both large and smaller organisations across a wide range of leadership, management and organisationa challenges. 

Chair of leading London Adult Education Service

Anthony accepted a brief which asked for a lot in a short time. Nevertheless his presentation and delivery on leadership and management issues exceeded our expectations. Anthony gave us information and, through his interactive approach, an understanding of the subjects which many would have taken much longer to explain. We have come away from the experience more knowledgeable and better prepared for the future.

Graham Chase, Senior Partner, Chase and Partners LLP

Excellent; non-threatening, yet confident style; highly productive sessions.

Consultant Paediatrician

Tony was incisive in his analysis and thinking and facilitative in his approach to helping us through some tricky organisational issues. He succeeded in instilling confidence in the team's ability to take things forward.

Chair of London Charity

Tony Brister's coaching programme has been truly transformative.

Head of Leader's Office, leading London Council

I had the pleasure of working with Tony during a particularly challenging time and very much enjoyed and gained from the experience. Tony was incredibly patient, was able to help me focus on the big issues and as a true coach enabled me to come up with solutions to what initially seemed like unsolvable problems. Tony’s involvement really helped me to set the direction of travel for my team and I would thoroughly recommend his services.

Director of Development and Alumni Relations, UK University

I found Tony to be extremely helpful, and constructively challenging, which was what I needed. With his help, I enhanced my leadership skills and as a result, the team I led was able to step up successfully to some significant challenges.

Head of Research Excellence, UK University

I was delighted to work with Tony Brister. His insightful and thoughtful approach to coaching helped remove several barriers to success and helped me to challenge some of my ways of working. As a result of the very constructive sessions I had with him I was able to better understand and appreciate my own strengths and weaknesses, see a range of perspectives more clearly, build more effective working relationships, and develop strategies for dealing with challenging work situations. A good coach, for me, knows when to ask the right questions with a precision that makes you re-evaluate your situation. That is what Tony did for me.  

Deputy Dean, UK University

Tony (Anthony Brister) has been my coach during a very difficult period of my professional life after returning from two periods of maternity leave into a new senior role. His extraordinary skills in allowing me to explore and find the right solutions not only to manage difficult relationships but also to develop the confidence needed at that time has been critical to my  success in the role. His ability to listen empathically, guide my thinking, and understand my personality and strengths was outstanding.

Head of Research Development Unit, UK University

Tony was a consummate professional throughout our coaching sessions and provided a safe space in which I was able to identify and explore workable goals. Tony has a warm, compassionate approach but is focused and encouraging. I entered coaching with Tony not really sure of how to deal with some complex issues and emerged with a clear focus and plan as to what I wanted to achieve and how I was going to do it.

Group Lead for Mental Health, UK University

I cannot recommend Anthony Brister as a leadership coach highly enough. I had never considered coaching but his calm and insightful manner in another work context led me to seeking his input at a time of major career change. My professional work includes many elements of coaching but Tony’s real-world experience at a very senior level in a complex organisation was evident in the way he was able to enable me to find a way forward. He strikes the right balance between challenge and support.  

Consultant Occupational Physician, Honorary Medical Adviser Research Ethics, UK University