We offer bespoke training packages in: Leadership, Communication, Coaching and Mentoring.


Even the smallest amount of well-directed, high quality training can make an enormous difference to performance.

We will discuss your needs with you and design bespoke training packages in:

  • Leadership.
  • Communication.
  • Coaching and Mentoring.


Leadership is one of the most researched and written upon subjects - and probably still one of the least understood.   Junior leaders can benefit hugely from a little training: examining areas in which they need to lead themselves in order to be able to lead others; considering different approaches to leading others and how to choose the best ones for different circumstances; and addressing aspects of motivation and team building.  More senior, experienced leaders can often benefit from reflecting on their leadership approaches and considering aspects of leadership at the strategic level.


We regard communication as a key element of leadership.  We can help leaders at all levels to develop clear, powerful messages, deliver them with impact, and enhance their ‘presence’. 

Coaching and Mentoring

Leaders are often asked to coach or mentor more junior leaders.   A little training in basic coaching and mentoring skills, and how to conduct a coaching/mentoring conversation, can make a huge difference to the success of this.  Our training can also help you to introduce a coaching and mentoring culture into your organisation.

Training  packages can vary from as little as a single half-day session to a number of half-day or full-day sessions spread over several weeks.

At AB Coaching and Leadership we will use our extensive experience to ensure that the training we deliver truly addresses your needs in the most ffective way, and is of the highest quality.